🎀Our 2023 brand new 💗Crystal & Home Decor collection💗 Let your cute room into a 🧚‍♀crystal paradise.🧚‍♀

    We pledge to plant one tree for every order

    We pledge to plant one tree for every order

    From Crystal Massage wands and Chakra crystal collections to worry stone and shaped stones for crystal grids and gear up our sacred space.

    One of a kind unique creations.


We only sell the highest quality products made from genuine stones.


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We come from China, a country that advocates etiquette, civilization and friendliness. The purpose of our store is customer first, respect each of our customers, and protect the rights and interests of each of our customers.

We can guarantee 100% that the crystal products we sell are natural crystals. If a customer proves that the crystals we sell are fake, we are willing to make significant compensation and thank this customer for helping us improve our supply chain.

We need to explain this situation very seriously and seriously. When you pay, there are the following reasons for fraud warning and payment failure.

1. Paypal payment failure: We recommend that you check whether there is a problem with your Paypal account (because Paypal has certified us as an enterprise, our Paypal payment channel is very stable and safe)

2. Pacypay credit card payment failure: We are really sorry for this. Your payment failure or even fraudulent information is affected by many factors.

2.1 Since your credit card issuing bank does not recognize the payment method of pacypal, and has not added pacypal to the white list, the results of failure and fraud information appear

2.2 Due to your credit card's own reasons, it may be due to some reasons that the credit card payment failed this time.

2.3 Due to our other stores, in addition to the crystal store, we also have other stores that sell some jewelry and home accessories. These stores all use the payment channel of pacypal (because only pacypal supports the common use of payment channels by many stores), and this The behavior is not recognized by the credit card bank, so there will be reasons for payment failure and display fraud.

Brief Introduction Of Our Store

We were founded in 2019 from ten young crystal lovers and have now grown to 20 people. Our shop is in Wuxi, China, and our crystal suppliers come from all over the world. We have online crystal online store, offline crystal store, ins crystal live broadcast, tiktok crystal live broadcast. Our crystals are favored by many customers. We collect high quality, unique, beautiful crystals and we ship our premium crystals to the world. We are very proud to say that our crystals are watched by crystal lovers every day and every moment. We still have a lot to share with you, and look forward to more people knowing about our crystal shop.